Learn more about Whitelist

Your internet filtering can be customised to allow specific domains that are blocked by your categories. This is called a whitelist. Your whitelist is specific to you, and are not shared with another user. Whereas categories block the same content for everybody. Learn how to add a website to your whitelist.

After you decide which categories to block, you may realise that some websites you consider okay, are unaccessible. Don’t worry, you can add them to your whitelist. For exemple, you might want to block all the ‘Chat’ websites like Omegle, but still whitelist Facebook Messenger.

Send your whitelist to Alfred

Every website that need to go on your whitelist needs to be added manually by Alfred. Just email him one or several websites and he will add them to your whitelist, no questions asked. It might take up to 24 hours for Alfred to do it, but he will do it, don’t worry. He won’t let you down

Whitelist websites