My Porn Addiction Story

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      In today’s age and the internet, it feels wierd to have to pay for something. We have gotten used to have everything for free. But we have also started to realise the if that’s free, that means you are the product. At 1099$ a year, believe me, the service that ByeByePorn provide is the product. Not you. But I understand that not everybody can afford such a huge amount of money. Don’t worry, their is a way to have the same experience for a fraction of the price. That’s how I did it for years. Their is a DNS service called Cisco Umbrella. They discribe their service as “a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go.”. Basically once you have installed their software on your computer, every internet request you make goes through their DNS. It then check if the site you are trying to reach is malicious or contain sensible content (porn, violence, drugs…). The service is targeted for big enterprise that want to protect their computers fleet. But you can also buy a sigle licence and make it your own internet filtering system.

      Me I, I was using it to censor porn. But you could use it to prevent a addict gambler from accessing online casinos websites, or parents could use it to make sure their kids are safe when they go online. It’s not a use they advertise for but trust me, it works extremely well that way. I have been addicted to porn most of my adult life. I tried several technics to get rid of this drug. But the only system that worked was using Cisco Umbrella. It does not slow down you computer nor your internet speed. It is very efficient at filtering out the bad stuff. It is hard to remove the sofware from your machine, even with admin rights. The only problem is, when you are the one managing your Umbrella account, you can always trun off the filtering from the Umbrella Dashboard. You just have to log on the website, uncheck “filter pornography” and you can access all the neughty stuff again.

      I used it that way for several years. It did improve a lot. I would spend less night staying up all night watching porn. But when I was vulnerable, I would turn off the filtering and watch porn. I figured, the only way for it to really work is give someone the admin rights on my Umbrella account. That way I cannot cheat and turn on and off. And someone that can whitelist a site if I really need to access it for genuine purpose. But it’s not always easy to find someone to explain “I’m addicted to online pornography, would you be my gardian and manage my internet access for me. I was lucky enough to have a close friend that I felt confortable enough to ask. And i was lucky enough that he understood and agreed to do it. He is not the technical type. He barelly uses the internet, So I had to create a tutorial to help him use the Umbrella dashboard. Since he got the key to my internet access, it transformed my life completely.

      Now i want to do the same for other people. That’s why I created ByeByePorn. But more importantly than me making a leaving out of it, I want to help people regain freedom. Freedom from the addiction that handicap their life. That’s also why I post this tutorial for anybody that wants to get help but cannot afford ByeByePorn.