Why is ByeByePorn so damn expensive?

In this blog post I'll explain why I charge such a ridiculus high price to censor your internet access.



      ByeByePorn is a one man operation. This website and the service is all run by one person, me, Alfred. This is not my real name. Just think of me as your own Alfred Pennyworth, from Batman comics and movies. I know all your dark side, but I won’t judge and I’ll keep it all to myself. Like the fictional character of the comics, I too have a dark past but I’m here to serve you serves as your moral anchor.

      It makes it possible to have a small community. I can review individually each request that you make so I’m sure you are not trying to go around the filtering by whitelisting a sensible website.

      You might be wondering if I use Cisco Umbrella why do I need to charge so much? Yes, I didn’t need to pay lots of money to develop my own solution. But the money you are paying is helping me focusing on this service without having to have a side job. And I’m planing on creating my own solution in a near future so I don’t rely on somebody else service for too long. I want to be able to offer something similar and it’s going to cost money and time to achieve that.

      The other reason to make ByeByePorn expensive is to help you commit to change. If I was charging 20$ a year, what would you feel if you would stop using the service halfway through the year? Something along the way “Oh well, I just wasted 20 bucks. No big deal. Now let’s watch porn.” Whereas, with ByeByePorn, if you decide (and succeed) to uninstall the software, going back to your old habits will be like throwing 1099$ out the window. Just the thought of it hurts, doesn’t it?

      So their you have it, the 4 reasons why I charge so much :
      – It makes focusing on helping others fight their addiction as my full time job possible.
      – By keeping the community small, I can tailor a custom access to every subscriber
      – It will help me finance the development of my own technical solution
      – It helps you stay committed to your decision to quit porn