This is how you save 1079$

I created ByeByePorn, because, like you, I am addicted to online pornography. If you are interested in my story you can read it on another blog post. But in this one, I'll explain how to set up the same service that ByeByePorn offers, for just 20$ a year and the help of a trusted friend.



      Originally, Umbrella a service developped by company called OpenDns, who was bought a years back by Cisco. OpenDns still offers the same service for small businesses (1 to 5 users) than Cisco.

      Register an Umbrella account with OpenDns

      For starters, you need your computer, any internet connection, a credit card and a trusted friend.

      – Go on the OpenDns website. I’ll let you Google that. In the navigation click on ‘Personal’.

      – Bellow the big image, look for their packages.

      – You will see 5 blocks detailing the different packages they offer.

      – Look for the one called ‘SMALL BUSINESS – OpenDNS Prosumer’ and click on ‘Buy Now’ button.

      – You be on a page called ‘Get Prosumer’. Select ‘New Costumers’, fill out the form and click on the ‘See Pricing’ button.

      – Select the number of users, then click the ‘Order’ button.

      – From there, finish creating your account.

      Download and Install the client

      – Log in your new account.

      – In the Umbrella Dashboard, look for ‘Deployments > Core Identities > Roaming Computer’ int he left side navigation.