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For good.

Keep using internet like you normally would, ByeByePorn keep temptation at bay. You don’t have to sacrifice your web experience to get rid of porn.

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How does this work?

It’s a weird concept, but it’s easy, so bear with me. ByeByePorn is a service that configures the filtering of your internet access. To do that, ByeByePorn uses a software developed by Cisco: Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client. You install the software on your machine, then I, Alfred
(a real human, not a machine), will configure which websites to censor and which websites to allow, based on your criteria. At no point, will you have access to the Cisco Umbrella configuration dashboard. You are lending ByeByePorn the keys to your internet.

In the end, ByeByePorn lets you use the internet on your own computer no matter where you are (home, coffee shop, hotel room…), while blocking access to any sensitive website, app or service.

Everybody uses the internet differently

ByeByePorn tailors your internet access to your needs.


Block websites by cathegory

Tell Alfred which categories you want to block.

Learn more about Category


Whitelist the exceptions

Send the list of websites you would like to whitelist to Alfred.

Learn more about Whitelist


Report any new website

Report any website you fell should be blocked

Learn more about Reporting

Yes, ByeByePorn is expensive

1099$ annually is a lot of money. But it’s expensive for a reason.
A salty bill can help you stay committed to a life free from addiction.

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